The Next Standard in BibTeX Management

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Author:Patricio Cubillos and contributors (see Contributors)
Organizations:Space Research Institute (IWF)
Web Site:
Date:Sep 06, 2020


bibmanager is a command-line based application to facilitate the management of BibTeX entries, allowing the user to:

  • Unify all BibTeX entries into a single database
  • Automate .bib file generation when compiling a LaTeX project
  • Automate duplicate detection and updates from arXiv to peer-reviewed
  • Clean up (remove duplicates, ADS update) any external bibfile (since version 1.1.2)
  • Keep a database of the entries’ PDFs and fetch PDFs from ADS (since version 1.2)

bibmanager also simplifies many other BibTeX-related tasks:

  • Add or modify entries into the bibmanager database:
    • Merging user’s .bib files
    • Manually adding or editing entries
    • Add entries from ADS bibcodes
  • entry adding via your default text editor
  • Query entries in the bibmanager database by author, year, or title keywords
  • Generate .bib or .bbl build from your .tex files
  • Compile LaTeX projects with the latex or pdflatex directives
  • Perform querries into ADS and add entries by bibcode
  • Fetch PDF files from ADS (via their bibcode, new since version 1.2)

Check out this video tutorial to get started with bibmanager:


bibmanager was created and is maintained by Patricio Cubillos (pcubillos[at]

These people have directly contributed to make the software better:

Be Kind

If bibmanager was useful for your research, please be kind and acknowledge the effort of the developers of this project. Here’s a BibTeX entry for that:

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